Apprendre s aimer un jour la fois

Titre : Apprendre s aimer un jour la fois
Auteur : Diane Gagnon
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1987957024
Libération : 2015-05-09

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Apprendre a s'aimer semble si difficile... Et pourtant, notre capacite a etre heureux est directement proportionnelle a notre estime de soi. Le manque d'estime de soi est l'un des pires fleaux de notre societe. Par manque d'estime de soi, nous eprouvons de la jalousie, de l'envie, de la colere, de l'insecurite. Nous n'osons pas entreprendre des changements positifs parce que nous ne nous aimons pas assez. Par manque d'estime de soi, nous n'osons pas demander ni nous affirmer. Nous tolerons l'intolerable trop longtemps, faute de savoir mettre nos limites. L'estime de soi ne survient pas miraculeusement un bon matin. Apprendre a s'aimer est le travail de toute une vie et se construit chaque jour par de petits gestes pour soi. Diane Gagnon vous offre ici 366 reflexions comme autant de pistes de solutions pour apprendre a vous aimer un peu plus chaque jour. A PROPOS DE L'AUTEURE Diane Gagnon est auteure de textes quotidiens pour apprendre a s'aimer et a mieux vivre. Presidente de Consultation Formaction inc., une firme specialisee en coaching, management et ressources humaines, elle a accompagne plus de 500 entreprises et coache plus de 2000 personnes depuis 28 ans. Elle est aussi coach privee, consultante et femme d'affaires. Fortement inspiree par l'immensite du potentiel humain, elle s'est donne pour mission de faire une difference positive dans la vie du plus grand nombre de personnes chaque jour, en ravivant la petite flamme que nous portons tous en nous. De la est nee l'idee d'ecrire chaque matin sur Facebook depuis 2011 des reflexions qui touchent au c ur de l'etre humain."

Learning Circles

Titre : Learning Circles
Auteur : Michelle Collay
Éditeur : Corwin Press
ISBN-13 : 0803966768
Libération : 1998-08-18

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Learning circles—small groups of educators who come together to support each other in learning—can make great improvements in the quality of teaching and learning in your school.

The Downhill Lie

Titre : The Downhill Lie
Auteur : Carl Hiaasen
Éditeur : Vintage
ISBN-13 : 0307269434
Libération : 2008-05-13

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Originally drawn to the game by his father, Carl Hiaasen wisely quit golfing in 1973. But some ambitions refuse to die, and as the years–and memories of shanked 7-irons faded, it dawned on Carl that there might be one thing in life he could do better in middle age than he could as a youth. So gradually he ventured back to the dreaded driving range, this time as the father of a five-year-old son–and also as a grandfather. “What possesses a man to return in midlife to a game at which he’d never excelled in his prime, and which in fact had dealt him mostly failure, angst and exasperation? Here’s why I did it: I’m one sick bastard.” And thus we have Carl’s foray into a world of baffling titanium technology, high-priced golf gurus, bizarre infomercial gimmicks and the mind-bending phenomenon of Tiger Woods; a maddening universe of hooks and slices where Carl ultimately–and foolishly–agrees to compete in a country-club tournament against players who can actually hit the ball. “That’s the secret of the sport’s infernal seduction,” he writes. “It surrenders just enough good shots to let you talk yourself out of quitting.” Hiaasen’s chronicle of his shaky return to this bedeviling pastime and the ensuing demolition of his self-esteem–culminating with the savage 45-hole tournament–will have you rolling with laughter. Yet the bittersweet memories of playing with his own father and the glow he feels when watching his own young son belt the ball down the fairway will also touch your heart. Forget Tiger, Phil and Ernie. If you want to understand the true lure of golf, turn to Carl Hiaasen, who offers an extraordinary audiobook for the ordinary hacker. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from Carl Hiaasen's Bad Monkey.

Nothing Changes Until You Do

Titre : Nothing Changes Until You Do
Auteur : Mike Robbins
Éditeur : Hay House, Inc
ISBN-13 : 9781401944933
Libération : 2014-05-06

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After three years of living his dream as a professional baseball pitcher, Mike Robbins had an arm injury that benched him for good, and when this happened, everything changed. He had to figure out who he was without the identity of “baseball player”—a process fraught with emotional highs and lows—and he quickly realized that the self-criticism and self-doubt he was feeling are in fact epidemic in our culture. Too often we base our value on our external world—our jobs, finances, appearance, or various other factors. Even the most successful people struggle with their relationship with themselves. In Nothing Changes Until You Do, Mike looks at this delicate relationship and brings to light a new way to look at life, opening your eyes to your innate value. These 40 inspiring essays, which are real tales from Mike’s own life and the lives of his clients, boil down some of the most important lessons Mike has learned on his own personal journey—and as he’s traveled throughout the country for over a decade speaking to groups of all kinds. With themes spanning from the importance of trusting yourself to the benefits of vulnerability to the strength inherent in embracing change, this book shows you how to get out of your own way and make peace with yourself. With humor, authenticity, and ease, Mike illustrates that with a little self-compassion and a healthy dose of self-acceptance, anyone can turn away from the negatives that manifest because of a critical self-perception—things like unkindness, insecurity, addictions, sabotaged relationships, unnecessary drama, and more. Making peace with yourself is fundamental to happiness and success. So join Mike and learn to have more compassion, more acceptance, and more love for yourself—thus giving you access to more compassion, more acceptance, and more love for the people (and everything else) in your life.

For My Country s Freedom

Titre : For My Country s Freedom
Auteur : Alexander Kent
Éditeur : McBooks Press
ISBN-13 : 0935526846
Libération : 2000

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It is March 1811, and Bolitho is promoted to Admiral but his choice of flagship and flag captain shock the Admiralty.

Jean Jacques Rousseau Transparency and Obstruction

Titre : Jean Jacques Rousseau Transparency and Obstruction
Auteur : Jean Starobinski
Éditeur : Chicago : University of Chicago Press
ISBN-13 : 0226771288
Libération : 1988

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Jean Starobinski, one of Europe's foremost literary critics, examines the life that led Rousseau, who so passionately sought open, transparent communication with others, to accept and even foster obstacles that permitted him to withdraw into himself. First published in France in 1958, "Jean-Jacques Rousseau" remains Starobinski's most important achievement and, arguably, the most comprehensive book ever written on Rousseau. The text has been extensively revised for this edition and is published here along with seven essays on Rousseau that appeared between 1962 and 1970.

De L Esprit

Titre : De L Esprit
Auteur : Claude-Adrien Helvétius
Éditeur : Theclassics.Us
ISBN-13 : 1230200371
Libération : 2013-09

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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1807 edition. Excerpt: ... call light by tfa mt their i Th? idoli of the of pawloo; and that it ii 1 from nloth, can alone impart to os that continued attention pro-dnctire of superior intellects. All that remains to confirm this troth is, to shew in the following chapter, that even they who are justly ranked among illustrious personages, when no longer sopported by the ardoar of passion, instantly sink into the class of the most ordinary men. CHAP. VIII. ON STI P1DITY, THE CONSEQUENCE OF THE CESSATION OF PASSIONS. This proposition is a necessary consequence of the former. In edict, if a man, animated with the most violent desire of esteem, and as such capable of the strongest passion, finds himself able to satisfy this desire, lie will soon cease to be animated with that passion, it being the nature of every desire to languish and die away, unless nourished by hope. Now, the sainecanse which extinguishes in him the passion for esteem will neccssarily kill in him the germ of superior intellects. Suppose persons no less ambitious of public esteem than the Turennci, live Coiules, the Descartes, the Corncilles, the Richlieun, wore made receivers of a tax, or the like; this statiou. depriving them of all hopes of glory, they would want even the common understanding necessary for such employments. Little adapted to the studies of edicts and tarifs, they would remain unqualified for a post odious to the public; they would be filled with aversion and disgust for a science, in which he who has, acquired the most profound and extensive knowledge, and who consequently retired to rest, in his own opinion, very learned and very respectable, may awake very ignorant and very useless, should the government have thought fit to suppress or incorporate these duties. Totally given...

Phenomenology of the Alien

Titre : Phenomenology of the Alien
Auteur : Bernhard Waldenfels
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 0810127563
Libération : 2011

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Tanja Stähler and Alexander Kozin's elegant translation of Bernhard Waldenfels's Phenomenology of the Alien (Grundmotive einer Phänomenologie des Fremden) introduces the English readership to the philosophy of alien-experience, a multifaceted and multidimensional phenomenon that permeates our everyday experiences of the life-world with immediate implications for the ways we conduct our social, political, and ethical affairs. With impressive erudition Waldenfels weaves in xenological themes from classical philosophy, contemporary phenomenology, literature, linguistics, sociology, and anthropology to address the boundaries of experience that unite and separate human beings, their collectives, their perceptions, and aspirations. While the debate has long raged in German-speaking circles, Waldenfels's work is largely unavailable to the English-speaking audience, with the only other translation being The Order in the Twilight (1996). Phenomenology of the Alien is a superb introduction to both xenological phenomenology, and the the question of the alien as it has been unfolding in contemporary thought. Bernhard Waldenfels is Professor Emeritus at