Voyage of the Devilfish

Titre : Voyage of the Devilfish
Auteur : Michael DiMercurio
Éditeur : Crossroad Press
ISBN-13 :
Libération : 2016-10-22

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The Kaliningrad stands as the last great triumph of Soviet submarine technology. Now it has put out to sea, lurking beneath the polar ice cap. In command is the most brilliant officer the Soviet fleet has ever produced—Admiral Alexi Novskoyy. And in his fanatical hands is the power to turn back the clock to the Cold War…and begin the countdown to doomsday. Opposing him is the killer chase sub USS Devilfish, captained by Commander Michael Pacino—a dogged veteran of the American fleet. His orders are to hunt down and destroy the Russian vessel. But his personal mission is to settle an old score with Novskoyy—the man who killed his father. The ultimate undersea duel is about to begin…